This DVD pays for itself the first time you use it to fix the marine head that your idiotic boat guest stuffs up,
or the worn out impeller or diaphram water pump and more.

Item #299.........93 minutes

Boat MaintainanceSkipper Gene Grossman covers boat maintenance from the bottom up, starting with thru-hulls and electrolysis. He then works his way up to bilge cleaning and keel-bolting and continues on with the various systems (plumbing, electrical, etc.), rebuilding the marine head and both impeller and diaphragm water pumps, and also covers varnishing, stanchion-bolting, holding tanks, and just about everything else you should know about preventive and periodic maintenance for both sailboats and power boats.Originally sold for $49.95 but is available now for only $34.95.
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--- Complete DVD Table of Contents ---
I. Opening comments by Gene Grossman, skipper of Magic Lamp

A. Thru-hull Fittings

1. above the waterline
2. below the waterline
3. placement of marine head thru-hulls

B. Electrolysis

1. explanation: by Gordon West
2. causes

II. The Marine Head

A. Problem Avoidance (w/Capt. Tom Kilpatrick)

1. stoppages
2. deteriative cleansers
3. bio-degradable tissues
4. lubrication
5. the "Y" valve

B. Holding Tanks
C. Troubleshooting

1. clogged flapper valve
2. duck-bill ("joker") valve
3. blocked anti-siphon loop

D. Completely Rebuilding the Marine Head

1. safe removal from the boat
2. dis-assembly
3. organizing parts of rebuild kit
4. re-assembly

III. The Marine Water Pump

A. Impeller Pumps
B. Diaphragm Pumps
C. Troubleshooting

1. checking the belt (pressure, slippage)
2. checking the diaphragm (for pinholes)
3. checking the pressure switch

D. Re-Building the Pumps

1. the diaphragm pump
2. the impeller pump

IV. Batteries

A. Engine Battery (high-cranker)
B. House Batteries (deep cycle)
C. Calculating wattage use/amp hours & current draw
D. Battery Maintenance

1. proper filling
2. electrolytic fluid
3. marine terminals
4. the hydrometer

V. the Bilge

A. The bilge on Elvis Presley's old yacht is completely cleaned and restored, step-by-step from grimy to new (with Capt. Ron Curry)
B. The Stuffing Box

1. proper drip
2. packing gland

C. Keel Bolts: Capt. Mike Bennett shows maintenance tips on Mr. Roy Disney's 61-foot racing sloop
D. Limber Chains

VI. Engine Maintenance

A. Gasoline Engines
B. Diesel Engines
C. Maintenance tips & problem avoidance

1. emergency shut-off
2. alternator belt
3. pencil zinc
4. clean air, fuel and oil

D. Fuel Tanks

VII: Brightwork (sanding & varnishing)

VIII: Winch Maintenance

Pierre Helias (shipwright, marine surveyor) completely dis-assembles,services and re-assembles a winch, replacing the pawls.

IX. Miscellaneous (but important)

A. Lifelines
B. Stanchions
C. Regulators
D. Power & Phone Lines
E. Float switches
F. Hose Clamps
G. Emergency Bilge Pump
H. Filters
I. Strainers

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