Here is the link to your free Noon Sun Shot Worksheet.

Please download it and make copies for future usage: it is the same type of sheet we use on our DVD item #303, Sextant use and the Sun Noon Shot. This program features me doing the first lecture, and Paul Miller, former instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy, doing the second one.

Once you've become familiar with this program, your next step should be to see our program #203: Celestial Navigation at Night with the Stars, Moon & Planets. It is listed on our website and you might also want to look at our item #672: Stars and Planet Identification – it’s listed there too.

Thanks for visiting our websites, and please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about any of our nautical DVDs. Our contact info is at the bottom of all of our main pages.



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Gene Grossman
Magic Lamp Productions

P.S. If you can remember these three rules,
you’ll have a long, enjoyable, and safe boating experience:
            1)  Keep the people in the boat;
            2)  Keep the water out of the boat;
            3)  Don’t get lost or bump into anything.
And keep this in mind: the experienced sailor knows that it’s not the sea that’s his enemy – it’s the hard stuff around the edges.