Segments on Exposure Suits, Solar Stills, Desalinator, Life Rafts, Harnesses and more.
Also: World famous BOC single-handed sailor Dan Byrne talks about circumnavigation.
Item #304.........
2 hours


Offshore Cruising GuideIn addition to Dan Byrne, see interviews with other offshore cruisers, horror stories and tips on how to avoid them, plus demonstrations of life-saving items like Exposure Suits, Solar Stills, Desalinator, Life Rafts, Harnesses, Jack Lines and much, much more.

Two full hours of programming. Originally sold for $49.95, but now available for only $34.95

Anyone seriously considering going offshore should take a look at our DVD #708 on Using Single Sideband Radio for a total picture of what the offshore cruiser needs to safely get around the world.

Order Offshore Crusing Guide ....... $34.95
--- Complete DVD Table of Contents ---
I. Opening

A. "Cruising" defined
B. Offshore Race/Cruise Pre-inspection

1. groups (offshore councils)
2. checklists
3. three strike rule

II. Structure

A. Hull-deck Joint
B. Hatches

1. maximum-beam rule
2. opening portlights
3. companionway hatch boards

C. Cockpit Drains

1. drainage time
2. maintaining buoyance rate

D. Thru-hulls

1. seacock/gate-valve
2. emergency plugs

III. Steering

A. Auto-pilot (Chuck Kite's demo)
B. Windvane (Chris Bock's demo)

IV. Single Sideband Radio (SSB)

V. Dan Byrne Interview (famous solo circumnavigator)

A. General Advice re cruising

1. picking a seaworthy vessel
2. minimum electronics requirements

B. Three Main Rules

1. keep the people IN the boat

a) lifelines
b) safety harness
c) jack lines
d) float coat
e) netting

2. keep the water OUT of the boat

a) fiberglass integrity
b) seacock maintenance
c) double-clamp hoses
d) lexan portcovers

3. GET where you're going


C. Provisioning

1. bring what you like
2. freeze-dried meals (demo)

D. First Aid (Medical Emergency) Provisioning
E. Abandoning Ship

1. liferaft

a) inspections
b) when to board
c) the "grab bag"

2. visit to a liferaft service company

F. Bob Hanel's Disaster Story (break-up of his 64' catamaran at sea)

1. Epirb's
2. Lanyards
3. Exposure (survival) Suits [demo]

G. Sea Anchors (drogues)
H. Man Overboard (M.O.B.) Equipment

VI. Seasickness

VII. ...and not a drop to drink

A. Solar Still demo
B. Mechanical De-salinator demo

VIII. Flying Objects Aboard

A. Securing exterior and interior hatches
B. Securing potential missiles (batteries, gas bottles, cabinet stuff)

IX. Hardware Details

A. Mast Pulpits
B. Stanchions
C. Lifelines
D. Leeboards/cloths
E. Spare Parts

Order Offshore Cruising Guide ....... $34.95

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