Learn to handle your twin screw powerboat like a pro and spend less time making a fool out of yourself while docking.
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Twin Screw Boat HandlingLearn to handle your twin screw powerboat like a pro and spend less time making a fool out of yourself while docking. During the course of this tape the viewer is taken through all the basics of twin screw powerboat handling. Through a step-by-step approach and utilizing a "hands on" viewing system, the viewer is able to get the feel of performing a variety of basic and complicated maneuvers. This allows the viewer to gain not only the knowledge, but also the experience of handling a twin screw power boat of any size. When the knowledge gained from this tape is combined with the knowledge of our tape #301 on Coastal Piloting, the owner of any powerboat will have the confidence to take the boat out of the slip and bring to its location and back safely.

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--- Complete Video Table of Contents ---
Comedy opening: docking of "My Way" cabin cruiser (everything goes wrong)

Opening comments by producer Marty Schorr

Chapter I: The Basics

A. The controls

1. Steering wheel
2. Throttles
3. Shift Controls

B. Underwater demo of steering wheel on rudders
C. Underwater demo of throttles on propellers
D. Underwater demo of shift controls on propellers (mirror-image thrust rotation directions)

Chapter II: Basic Maneuvers (onboard demonstrations)

A. Steering only with shift controls

1. Steering with the wheel
2. Spinning the boat using shift controls

B. Spinning the boat using shift controls and steering wheel
C. Spinning the boat using shift controls, steering wheel and throttle

Chapter III: Basic Docking

A. Safely leaving the dock
B. Returning to the dock (end tie demonstration)

1. approaching the dock
2. pulling up slowly, only using shift controls
3. tying the boat up to the dock: the cleat hitch (coiling the line)
4. remaining in control until boat is secure

C. Leaving the dock when in between two boats (fore & aft)
D. Returning to dock and "parallel parking" between boats
E. Pulling out of a boat slip
F. Returning boat to the slip
G. "Walking the boat" (making the boat go sideways)

Chapter IV: Other Factors

A. Compensating for effects of Wind

1. Pulling into slip
2. Pulling back out of slip

B. Compensating for effects of current

Chapter V.: Don’t panic!

A. What to do when one engine quits on you

1. Docking to Port with port engine out
2. Docking to Port with starboard engine out
3. Fending off, if things don’t work out

B. Closing Comments and Summary

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