Learn to find and identify the
navigational stars and planets

musign.jpg (6601 bytes)This program will teach you how to find and identify the navigational stars and planets for astronavigation. It uses simple and understandable teaching language which is supported by computer animated graphics.

The DVD was written, narrated and produced by the following expert sailing and navigation teachers:

Byron E. Franklin:
retired U.S. Navy Master Quartermaster who served 26 years on various surface ships and nuclear submarines.
His two special navigation techniques are taught at Surface Warfare Officer School
Richard E. Kabrick:
navigation instructor at the Surface Warfare OfficerSchool Command. He has been selected as a Chief of Naval Technical Training of the Year (out of over
12,000 other instructors)
Richard Konkolski:
four times Sailor of the Year in three different countries. Winner of over forty sailing races, three successful solo transatlantic races, three solo circumnavigations in both directions, including five "Capes" and two BOC Challenges. Holder of many world sailing records.
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